7 Benefits of Bengkoang for Pregnant Women

Nutritional intake for women who are in pregnancy, will be more than in women who are not pregnant. One way to maintain the nutritional intake and health of pregnant women is to consume fruits, for example bengkoang. The benefits of bengkoang for pregnant women are also quite a lot.

Bengkoang has the nutrients needed by pregnant women. The most calories in bengkoang are carbohydrates and low in fat. In addition, it also contains vitamins, essential minerals, as well as high fiber. Such substances will help improve the health of the body during pregnancy.

7 Benefits of Bengkoang for Ingredients

Various nutrients contained in bengkoang include vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, pantotenic acid, riboflavin, and copper. Bengkoang can be consumed directly or made other preparations such as pickled. Vitamins in bengkoang serve as antioxidants of the body.

1. Energy Supply

Going through pregnancy will require a lot of energy. One way to provide energy supply is by consuming bengkoang. The sugar content in bengkoang will make pregnant women have stronger energy.

Sugar substances become one of the healthy food sources for pregnant women in order to produce energy. Carbohydrates and proteins in bengkoang will be processed together with sugar substances, thus forming energy for the body.

2. Smooth Digestion

Maintaining healthy digestion is also a priority during pregnancy. Unhealthy digestion will cause some complaints, such as flatulence, constipation or constipation, stomach upset, and other discomfort.

To be able to smooth digestion can be done by meeting the needs of daily fiber. For those of you who are confused to find the source of fiber, can consume bengkoang. It contains a natural fiber called inulin.

Inulin will serve to make the movement of digestion more smoothly. In addition, inulin can also increase the frequency of bowel movements, so that it does not experience constipation. For pregnant women, constipation is the most commonly felt and very uncomfortable complaint.

3. Helps Increase Endurance

As already stated above that bengkoang contains a number of vitamins, including vitamin C. The efficacy of this vitamin is able to help increase endurance.

If the immune system increases, then the disease-causing virus will also not easily attack the body. Pregnant women will be spared all kinds of diseases that interfere with pregnancy.

In addition to these vitamin C, there is also a fairly high iron content. This substance will help pregnant women avoid symptoms of anemia or lack of red blood substances. This complaint is also often experienced during pregnancy, thus making pregnant women become limp and powerless.

4. Helps Fetal Bone Growth

Fetal development during pregnancy, is in desperate need of a good intake of nutrients and nutrients. Fetal organs including bones undergo formation and develop according to their age. For this reason, good nutrient intake is very influential on the perfection of fetal development.

Bengkoang contains calcium which is believed to help the formation of bones and tissue systems in the fetus. Calcium is also needed by pregnant women as the best vitamin D absorber, because during the pregnancy process will require more calcium.

5. Blood Circulation

Pregnancy is a different condition than when not pregnant. Where the body should share nutrients with the fetus as well as nutritional intake that should be higher than before. One of the things to note is the smooth circulation of blood.

You may have seen pregnant women experiencing swollen feet or experiencing other complaints related to blood circulation. This may be due to poor blood flow. This complaint can be resolved with sufficient daily potassium intake.

The easy way is to consume bengkoang. Potassium content is enough to meet daily needs and blood circulation. This condition is very important to support the health of pregnant women as well as their fetuses.

6. Helps the Formation of the Fetal Nervous System

In the early trimester, fetal nerve development is in formation. For this reason, it is recommended for pregnant women to consume foods that support nerve formation. Substances that play an important role in the process of fetal nerve formation are folic acid.

Actually many food sources containing folic acid, but if you want to easily be able to consume bengkoang. Folic acid content is very helpful in nerve development and prevents brain defects in the fetus.

7. Reduce Gastric Acid Production

Detox Drinks

At the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant women may feel nausea and vomiting. This can be caused by the increasing production of stomach acid. This increase will cause complaints of nausea and wanting to vomit especially in the morning.

An effective way is to decrease the production of stomach acid naturally. For example by consuming bengkoang. The benefit of this bengkoang is to cool and absorb stomach acid faster.

Bengkoang, this white fruit in addition to having a good taste is also efficacious. The benefits of bengkoang for pregnant women are also quite numerous and very helpful during the pregnancy process. This fruit is very easy to find in traditional markets and the price is quite cheap.





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