7 Benefits of Vegetable Star fruit / Wuluh for Health

Vegetable star fruit or more commonly known as star fruit wuluh, in addition to giving delicious taste to vegetables is also good for health. Many people do not yet know the benefits of vegetable star fruit as a whole.

The existence of vegetable star fruit in Indonesia is quite a lot, because it thrives in tropical climates. This fruit has the scientific name Averrhoa bilimbi, has a sour taste with a considerable water content.

7 Benefits of Vegetable Star fruit

In general, vegetable star fruit is used to mix in dishes, such as soups, sambal, curry, and other foods. Its tiny shape turns out to have great properties. Whereas for some people this fruit is not much taken into account as a fruit of consumption.

1. Lower High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or often called hypertension is one of the most suffered diseases, especially for people aged 45 years and over. If you use your doctor’s medication, you are required to do treatment regularly.

This little one was able to save you from hypertension. How to consume it is quite easy, star fruit is simply boiled. Before boiling it, wash it thoroughly first and split it into two parts. Drink boiled water at least once a day at night before going to bed.

2. Maintaining Bone and Tooth Strength

Do not underestimate the health of bones and teeth. As he gets older, his strength will decrease. Bones can become porous and result in osteoporosis that interferes with your daily activities.

In order to maintain the health and strength of bones, can take advantage of vegetable star fruit. Inside there is a high calcium content and also phosphorus. These substances are helpful to keep bones and teeth strong.

In addition, vegetable star fruit also contains oxalic acid. The use of oxalic acid is able to whiten teeth. Suitable for those of you who want to whiten teeth in a natural way.

3. Overcoming Diabetes

Everyone will definitely avoid getting sick, one of which is diabetes. Ordinary people know this disease as sugar disease. People affected by diabetes should undergo a variety of routine examinations and treatments.

The main cause of the disease is high levels of sugar in the blood. This can happen due to the wrong diet, frequent consumption of excess sugar, or indeed inherited diseases. The way to deal with it is to lower the sugar content.

Vegetable star fruit can be consumed directly or it can also be boiled first. The taste of star fruit is more acidic, so not everyone matches the taste. Vegetable star fruit stew water can be consumed a day a maximum of 2 times on a regular basis.

4. Treating Coughs, Fevers, and Colds

Indonesia has a tropical climate that also makes diseases, such as coughs, colds, and fevers become the most common diseases suffered by people. Even if it sounds trivial, you still have to be vigilant and overcome it.

Vegetable star fruit has a high content of vitamin C that is useful to improve the body’s immune system. With high immunity, diseases due to viruses such as coughs, colds, and fevers can be overcome.

To treat the disease, you can boil vegetable star fruit to taste. The water from the stew is drunk when it is still warm. For those who are not strong with sour taste can add pure honey as a sweetener.

5. Brighten Skin and Shrink Pores

Dull skin problems and enlarged pores are widely experienced by women. This is also what gives rise to a variety of beauty products to overcome this. However, in fact you can use natural ingredients such as vegetable star fruit.

As discussed earlier, that star fruit is rich in vitamin C that helps brighten the skin. Not only brightening, this fruit can also remove black spots and tighten the skin.

Make a mask from mashed vegetable star fruit. Apply on the surface of the face that has been cleaned. The mask in fish removes impurities that clog pores and helps regenerate the facial skin naturally.

6. Eradicate Acne

Acne became a common problem, both male and female, from adolescence to adulthood. If you feel that acne appears very stubborn, try using a mask of vegetable star fruit to overcome it.

Vitamin C in star fruit wuluh efficacious to cleanse the pores of the skin and overcome inflammation. Acne will disappear after regular use without leaving any scars.

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7. Making Youth

Another benefit of vegetable star fruit is to keep the skin youthful. Who does not want to look youthful with healthy and glowing skin. This tiny little one has vitamin C, vitamin A, and also antioxidants that can ward off free radicals.

The use of vegetable star fruit mask will remove wrinkles and fine lines on the face. As a result the skin looks clean and looks younger. No need for special and expensive care, it is enough with vegetable star fruit.

Vegetable star fruit is found in many markets and also some supermarkets. If you buy it don’t just for mixed cuisine. Try to use to maintain the health of the body. Besides being cheap is also rich in benefits.

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