6 Safe Ways to Drink Coffee

6 Safe Ways to Drink Coffee


For some people, coffee is one of the drinks rich in antioxidants in addition to food as well as a combination of vegetables and fruits. Therefore, they often make coffee as a substitute for breakfast, lunch, even dinner.


Quoted from Insider, here are 8 tips that can be done to stay safe to consume coffee :

1. Do not consume coffee above 2 pm

Caffeine content in coffee can help us be more awake when feeling tired. However, consuming coffee in the afternoon, can interfere with sleep. If you want to have coffee in the afternoon, opt for caffeine-free coffee.
However, not everyone who drinks coffee in the afternoon has trouble sleeping.


2. Avoid added sugars in coffee

The high fructose content in sugar can lead to obesity and diabetes. If you can’t drink coffee without sugar, you can use natural sweeteners like stevia.


3. Don’t drink too much

Too much coffee intake can reduce its overall benefits. Excessive caffeine can be a high risk for people who consume it.


4. Adding cinnamon

Additional cinnamon is considered to lower blood glucose, cholesterol, and the possibility of diabetes. Just put a pinch of cinnamon in the coffee,it will taste better.


5. Avoid low fat and artificial creams

Instead of adding artificial creams whose ingredients are dubious, it is better to add milk in coffee. Milk as a source of calcium has benefits to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

Want to be fat, what should I do?

6. Brewing coffee with special filter paper

Coffee brewed contains cafestol which can increase cholesterol levels in the blood. However, to reduce it can use special filter paper so that cafestol can be effectively filtered so that the number is reduced.




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