Want to be fat, what should I do?

For some, having a fat body is a dream. Maybe it’s because they’re too skinny or in need of nutrition.

When many people want to have a slim body, there are also people who want to fatten up. This may sound unique, but it’s true. There are also a lot of people out there who want a fat body.

Many factors a person wants to have a fat body. Like a body that is too thin, malnourished, and so on. Having a body that is too thin is also not good for health.

There are many ways you can get a fat body. Here are some quick ways to plump and contain in 1 week.

There are many methods of fattening that you can find, even within 1 week. Here are some quick ways to plump in 1 week.

Want to be fat, what should I do?


The first quick fat way is to drink milk. Choose full cream milk. This milk is much more effective for fatening the body than milk high in calcium or other types of milk. In order to get effective results, it is best to drink milk twice a day that is after waking up and before bed.

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Chewing Food

Chewing food can be the next quick fat way. When food is in the mouth, get used to chewing food until smooth. This is important to help make your stomach performance easier. Especially for hard-to-digest foods such as meat. The process of food confirmation only occurs in the mouth.

Egg White

Egg whites are protein-rich foods. Therefore egg whites can be a quick way to plump. You can start to get used to the regular consumption of egg whites every day.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates can be the fourth quick way to fat. Here are some examples of foods high in calories that are also loaded with nutrientsnamely brown rice, nuts, dried fruit, and avocados.


Breakfast turns out to be also a quick fat way. Have breakfast every morning and add 1 egg and a glass of fruit juice each morning.

Limit Cardio Workouts

Cardio exercises can burn fat. Fat is needed for people who want to fatten up. therefore reducing or limiting cardio exercise can be a quick way to plump.

Avoid Stay Up late

Avoiding being up late can be the next fat quick way. There are no good effects of stay up late, it will make your health worse. Worse, not only is it thin, people who stay up late also have a higher risk of developing malignant diseases.


Subconsciously, cigarettes are the trigger for lowering appetite. Because you are lazy to eat, of course your body does not get nutrition and all nutritional needs well. Therefore, quitting smoking can be a healthy quick fat way.

Active Move

The quick way to grease is to actively move. Active moving is not only good for health but can also increase appetite. Exercises that involve strength or endurance, for example, are very effective at adding muscle mass while forming it.

Eat As Often As Possible

The first quick way to fat is to eat often. It may sound cliché but it is mandatory for those of you who want a fat body. The healthy guide is three large meals (main meal) is about 5 hours away. In addition, eat two to three snacks a day between meals.

Eat Properly

When eating, try to spend the most calorie-high foods so that the stomach does not get full so that it no longer fits the food. When breakfast for example, eat first the pieces of avokadnya, followed by eggs, and just end with cereal if you are still.

Wise When Choosing A Drink

Instead of water that contains no calories at all, you can choose pure fruit juice, milk, or vegetable juice. Add fatty yogurt, cheese, or protein powder to a fruit juice dish to increase the calories. You should avoid alcohol because even though it is high in calories, this drink turns out to be very lacking in nutrients. Therefore, sorting out drinks can be a quick way to plump.

Increase Meal Portions

Adding portions can be a quick way to plump next. You can increase the portion of food than usual if you want the body to gain weight. Choose a healthy high-calorie diet or a source of complex carbohydrates and fiber.

Avoid Drinking Before Eating

Drinking before meals can make you full so you eat very little. This can certainly make the way of fatening the body fail. Therefore, it is best to drink after eating, wait 10 minutes before drinking water.


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