7 Benefits of Star fruit for Face and Beauty

Star fruit is one type of fruit that is widely found in Indonesia. The shape of the fruit is like a star, often called star fruit. Star fruit is widely processed into rujak, juice, and other menus. The benefits of star fruit are quite numerous, ranging from health to beauty.

The uniqueness of star fruit is that you do not need to peel the skin when you want to eat it. In addition to its delicious taste, this fruit also has a good content of vitamins and fiber for the body. No wonder if this fruit becomes the right choice to maintain the health of the skin and face.

7 Benefits of Star fruit for Men & Women’s Faces

Many people do not know the benefits of star fruit. Its sweet taste with a little acid, turns out to provide a myriad of benefits for the health and beauty of the face. Various skin problems ranging from dull skin to premature aging, can also be solved by star fruit.

1. Overcoming Skin Problems

Sometimes the skin experiences some problems, such as eczema. The causes of eczema are quite diverse, ranging from bacteria, dry skin, to immunity that undergoes abnormal function. The good news is that eczema can be overcome by using star fruit.

This eczema can cause itching and burning of the skin. If not addressed immediately will make the condition worse. For those of you who have sensitive skin and prone to eczema there is no harm in trying to get used to eating star fruit.

In star fruit contained anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial that will help overcome eczema. This fruit can also help cope with dermatitis. Star fruit can be eaten directly or made juice.

2. Make Healthy Skin Glow

Want to get a smooth and glowing facial skin. Quite easy, just consume star fruit. For those who do not like the taste, it can be processed into juice or rujak. This fruit is also easy to find in some fruit shops to supermarkets.

Vitamins contained in star fruit include vitamins B, A, and also C, which are able to maintain the health of the skin. Regular consumption of this fruit will provide maximum nutrition, so that the skin looks healthy and brightly glowing.

Fruit with yellowish color, in addition to fresh eaten also fresh on the skin. Having dull and unlit skin certainly makes you not confident. No need for expensive care, buy star fruit and consume it daily.

3. Maintaining Skin Moisture

Consuming star fruit can also fill body fluids. This is because star fruit contains minerals, vitamins, and is rich in liquids. If the fluid needs are met, then the skin will also be maintained moisture.

Almost the same as other skin complaints, if the lack of fluid then the appearance of the skin becomes dull and dry. Surely it will be very disturbing appearance. Star fruit becomes a natural way to keep skin moist and healthy.

4. Prevent Acne

Acne problems may be the most common thing to experience. In addition to disturbing the appearance, acne also provides discomfort. Zinc content in star fruit is proven to help prevent the appearance of acne from the inside.

Acne has many kinds and each person has a different facial condition. Some can experience inflammation, but some are not inflamed. Whatever type of acne needs to be anticipated because it can damage the structure of the skin.

The thing to remember is not to consume star fruit mixed with sugar or other sweeteners, especially when processed into juice. The use of sugar will only add to the bad acne condition.

5. Prevent Premature Aging

Many people are willing to spend up to millions to take care of their skin. One of them is to make the skin feel younger and avoid premature aging. There are so many treatments to creams that can be used.

However, did you know that premature aging can be anticipated by consuming star fruit? Antioxidant content in star fruit, if consumed regularly will reverse the aging process on the skin. As a result you will look more youthful.

6. Protecting from Free Radicals

Free radicals caused by dust, pollution, and others can damage the health of the skin. If it happens continuously, the skin will feel rough, dull, and not glowing. Star fruit contains several antioxidant compounds.

Some of the substances contained in it, such as error acid, quercetin, and polyphenol compounds, serve to overcome the effects of oxidative stress. This substance will be very useful to stop the damage to the skin caused by free radicals.

7. Strengthen hair

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The use of star fruit is not directly on the face, but hair is an important part of your head. Star fruit is able to maintain the health of the scalp as well as the roots of hair. The content of B complex vitamins and vitamin C is good for overcoming hair loss.

Hair loss can be caused by many factors, can be from internal or external. The thing that often happens is because the roots of the hair are brittle. The mis-use of shampoos or the effects of food can also make the roots of hair brittle.

Eating any fruit does have properties for the body. Just like star fruit, although it looks simple, but the benefits of star fruit are great for health, especially the face.




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