7 Benefits of Bacang for Health and Immunity

You may not be used to hearing bacang fruit. Well, this one is actually similar to mango. In some areas it is often referred to as mango pakel. Indeed from the outside, bacang yellowish green.

Moreover, the color of the meat is also similar to yellowish when it is not yet cooked. After that, it turns bright yellow. What are the benefits of bacang for the health of the body?

7 Benefits of Bacang for Immunity and Health

Why bacang beneficial for the body? One of them is phenol compound that is mangiferin which has a good impact on human health. The content of mangiferin in bacang is higher than in other types of mangoes. Not only that, there are other ingredients such as calcium, beta-carotene, vitamin C, phosphorus to protein. Bacang fruit also contains antioxidants.

1. Improve Brain Function

Brain function can be maintained with the help of bacang fruit. Inside there are B vitamins that maintain brain function. First, vitamins can help you have a good sleep pattern as well as make your mood better.

The content of glutamine acid in bacang can also increase concentration. In addition, it also increases memory strength, so it can prevent various brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s to brain tumors. Therefore, you can consume bacang regularly to overcome this condition.

2. Overcoming Dehydration

Dehydration often happens to anyone. It’s just that not many people are aware of the lack of fluid. There are usually symptoms that occur in case of dehydration, for example the body feels limp and also dizzy.

To overcome this condition, you need to enter the intake of fluids into the body. Well, to make fluid intake in the body sufficient, you can consume bacang fruit.

Because, this bacang fruit has a considerable water content. One bacang there are 72.2 grams of water. Although not hydrated, you can consume this fruit to keep the fluids in the body fulfilled. Surely you can not be dehydrated aka lack of fluids.

3. Cure Anemia

Many people do not realize that iron content is important for health. While there are not many sources of food containing iron. Bacang fruit is one type of fruit containing iron.

Thus, the fruit is very suitable for treating and preventing anemia. Regular consumption of bacang can increase blood intake in the body. Therefore, this fruit is very suitable for consumption by pregnant women who need iron.

4. Maintaining Stamina

You may be among those who have a myriad of activities. So, you need food intake that makes your stamina stronger. You can consume bacang fruit as one of the daily menu. Moreover, the carbohydrate content in bacang is also good for the body.

To consume bacang, it is best to eat it directly. Because, if processed and added sugar, it will make its properties not felt. You can also mix it with other types of fruit so that the benefits are more pronounced for the health of the body.

5. Can Take Care of Lung

foods high in fiber

Vital organs that must be maintained not only the heart to the brain. There are other types of organs are the lungs. To maintain lung health, you can consume bacang fruit. The water content in the bacang can help the respiratory system, thus preventing you from health complications.

It is not directly the benefit will be felt on the lungs, but it is worth a try. You can also keep up with the consumption of nutritious foods. This means that bacang fruit can help you to take care of the lungs. However, avoid potentially damaging habits for the lungs such as smoking.

6. Make Eyes Healthier

Talking about eye health is certainly closely related to vitamin A. The content of this vitamin is very beneficial for eye health. Bacang fruit is one of the sources of vitamin A. In 100 grams of bacang, there are 1218 IU. The amount is arguably quite ideal for daily vitamin A needs.

You can consume bacang regularly in order to get the benefits of vitamin A. In addition to being able to take care of eye health, you can maintain bone growth and make bones stronger. In addition, it can also prevent the onset of acne and maintain the health of the skin.

7. Increase Immunity

In addition to vitamin A, there are vitamin C in the fruit bacang. With this content, you can maintain the immune system. With vitamin C, the body can be awake from various types of diseases. Usually diseases come from bad microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria, to viruses. Bacang fruit can be an alternative intake of vitamin C.

You can consume bacang fruit directly or mixed with other fruits every morning. That way, you will get the benefits of bacang to maintain stamina and stay healthy throughout the day.

Although this fruit is not widely known to people, but it turns out its efficacy is unexpected. Fruit that is still one type with this mango, it is very suitable to be consumed every day as long as it is not excessive.




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