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Healthy and Fresh Body 11 Foods High in Fiber


Fiber is one of the intakes that are needed by the body so that it remains healthy and balanced. By eating foods high in fiber, you can avoid various diseases. This is because fiber is able to keep digestion smooth. It is not surprising that then a diet high in fiber is very booming, because the results have proved quite effective.

In general, fiber is a carbohydrate found in plant-based foodstuffs. But unlike other carbohydrates, fiber is not easily digested and broken down by the body. It also makes fiber can be healthy digestion, without making blood sugar levels soar.

11 Foods High in Fiber

There is no term tired of eating high-fibrous foods, moreover the options you have are actually very much. In addition, the way of presentation is also varied, and if you are tired of staying modified by consuming it with other materials, such as below:

1. Broccoli

In 1 fruit broccoli contained about 5.1 grams of fiber which is excellent for the body. Consuming it is also very easy, since broccoli can be served raw, steamed, or boiled. But do not forget to wash it with clean water first. In addition, never steam or boil broccoli for more than 5 minutes.

2. Corn

Corn fruits are famous for having a high fiber content. In 1 corn there are about 2 grams of fiber. Besides it can be served in the form of boiled corn, or eaten with other vegetables. You can also get creative by making popcorn snacks. Just don’t add seasoning, margarine, or cooking oil. So, puree is just corn.

3. Tomatoes

In addition to having many benefits for beauty, tomatoes are also rich in fiber that is good for the body. On 1 medium-sized tomato, it contains about 1.2 grams of fiber. In addition to fiber, tomatoes also contain lycopene which can prevent prostate in men. You can eat tomatoes in juice, or just eat them.

4. Nuts

All types of legumes have very high fiber. But in white beans, the content is more complex, since there is also iron, and protein. While black beans contain antioxidants. If you are currently planning to lose weight, then it can make nuts as the main food menu.

5. Brown Rice

If you have constipation or difficulty defecating, it is recommended to replace white rice with brown rice. The fiber content in it is higher when juxtaposed with white rice. In addition, there are also antioxidants that are efficacious in smoothing your body’s metabolic system. So, do not hesitate to consume brown rice.

6. Carrots

The next high-fiber food is carrots. This vegetable with a distinctive orange color has about 2.8 grams of fiber per 100 grams. Interestingly, the number of calories in carrots is very low, which is about 41 grams for the same weight. In addition to fiber, carrots also contain antioxidants, and beta carotene that can be converted into vitamin A by the body.

7. Avocado

The high fiber content in avocado meat makes this fruit excellent for protecting digestive health. In 2 tablespoons avocado contains 2 grams of fiber. While on 1 avocado, there is about 10 grams of fiber. Consuming avocados regularly is believed to help prevent and overcome cholesterol.

8. Papaya

In addition to rich in nutrients and vitamins, papaya also has a high fiber content, the content is approximately 1.3 grams for per 100 grams of fruit. Fiber contained in papaya is very useful in overcoming indigestion problems, such as constipation. The fruit also contains carpaine substances, which can prevent heart attacks, and overcome infections.

9. Pink Guava

Every 100 grams of red guava contains 7.3 grams of fiber. It is not surprising that this fruit is always recommended to be consumed by people with diabetes mellitus. Moreover, the glucose and calorie content is very low. If you are on a diet high in fiber, then you can make pink as a healthy snack everyday.

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10. Green Pear

The fiber contained in green pears is arguably quite high, which is 2.3 grams per 100 grams of pear meat. In addition, there are also vitamins, pectin, magnesium, and calcium in it. Those of you who have indigestion problems, or deep heat, can consume green pears regularly.

11. Sweet Potato

Who would have thought that this tuber is also rich in fiber? In every 100 grams of sweet potatoes there is a fiber content of up to 2.5 grams. But the caloric content is also higher than other vegetables, which is 90 grams for the same weight.

Eating foods high in fiber is very good for the body. Besides being able to help to lose weight, the nutrients contained in this plant also have a very positive impact on health. To get these fibers, you must diligently eat fruits, vegetables, and also legumes.




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