7 Benefits of Avocados for Child Growth

This soft textured fruit is indeed known for its nutrients and benefits. In an avocado there are fiber, minerals, and vitamins, such as vitamins B, C, E, to K.

One of the benefits of avocados that can be felt is the benefits for child development. Of course you often hear that babies and children will be very good when fed avocados.

7 Benefits of Avocados for Kids

What exactly makes avocados a fruit rich in benefits for children? The first is the protein content in avocados. In avocados there are 18 essential amino acids that the body desperately needs to form a complete protein.

Protein in avocados is among the most easily absorbed due to the fiber content in them. Curious what are the benefits of this fruit?

  1. Helps Children’s Brain Development

Every mother wants the best for the child, especially for the development of important organs such as the brain. In the golden age that is until the age of 5 years, you as a parent must provide a complete intake of nutrients.

Avocados are among the fruits that can meet children’s brain development needs because they contain omega 3, protein, antioxidants, and fatty acids.

All these nutrients are needed by the child, especially the baby in terms of brain development. Even a sufficient intake of omega 3 and choline is able to make the baby learn faster. In addition, the child’s thinking is also better, so he will grow into a smarter figure.

  1. Make Wounds Heal Faster

As the child grows older and becomes active, there will certainly be more risks around it. One of them was knocked down and suffered abrasions. This condition is very likely to occur in an active child.

A mother will certainly give outside medicine to accelerate the wound to dry and heal. As it turns out, you can also give food in the form of avocados to speed up wound healing. This can happen because there is a content of vitamin K.

With this vitamin content, it will help the bleeding stop faster. In addition, there are also vitamin E that can regenerate skin cells. That way, the wound can be quickly replaced by a new layer of skin.

  1. Can Regulate Blood Pressure

When the child is in development, you must maintain that the child must have a stable body condition. One thing you can’t miss is his blood pressure.

Avocados in general have potassium and folate content that has a function to regulate blood pressure. Thus, blood pressure will always be maintained to keep it normal.

Moreover, avocados also have manganese content. This type of nutrition is essential for nerve development as well as brain function. The advantages of avocado itself are not only rich in nutrients and nutritious, avocados are also easily digested by the child because of their soft texture.

  1. Digestion Becomes Smoother

Avocado is one of the types of fruit that is highly recommended to be given to babies as a breast milk companion food. This is due to the excellent fiber content in avocados.

foods high in fiber

Similarly, for children, the consumption of avocados will maintain the digestion of the child and maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract so that the child is not easily exposed to constipation.

  1. Prevent Free Radicals

Urban living makes children also easily exposed to free radicals. The child’s immune system must be strong enough to be able to protect itself from free radicals and pollution hazards. For that, you need to provide a sufficient intake of nutrients.

In avocados there is an antioxidant called Glutathione that can help children get immunity. Thus, the child’s body can also be avoided from free radicals.

Children will also not be easily sick when consuming this fruit regularly, because there is antioxidant content. Moreover, children who do not have a strong enough immune system, the consumption of avocados can be the right choice.

  1. Preventing Anemia

Anemia is a disease that can attack anyone. To prevent this disease, one should consume iron-rich foods. Avocados do not contain high iron, but in avocados there are vitaminS B6, C, folate, and also riboflavin. All of these ingredients have a function so that the absorption of iron runs smoothly.

Not only that, the content can also help children’s motor development, including making children smarter. That is, avocados can optimize brain performance, so that children can grow into a smarter figure.

  1. Lower the Risk of Developing Diseases

This fruit is sweet but has few carbohydrates. Of course this is very safe for the child because it will not increase excessive sugar levels.

Although still a child, you should take care of his body health including by not giving foods high in sugar. Remember that excessive consumption of sugar can give rise to serious diseases.

Avocados are indeed a good fruit for a child. For parents, this fruit selection is very appropriate to feel the various benefits of avocados, especially for child development. Avocados can be directly consumed or processed into juices and other foods.


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