7 Benefits of Chocolate for Facial Skin Beauty

Chocolate is a foodstuff that is loved by all circles. This sweet food comes from cocoa fruit that is taken by the seeds to be processed. Because it comes from natural fruits, there are certainly many benefits of chocolate for the body, ranging from health, stress relievers, to the beauty of facial skin.

Benefits of Chocolate for the Face

As an alternative way to substitute chemicals, you can use cocoa powder or fruit to help facial skin care. There are certain conditions on the skin that can be treated by applying chocolate regularly, namely:

  1. Overcoming the Signs of Premature Aging on the Face

All women, especially married women, are often troubled by some signs of premature aging on the face. This is due to too high stress factors, as well as lack of rest. As a result the skin is less rested and looks old as well as dull.

For those who have limited funds to do treatments on premature aging in the skin, can try chocolate fruit or powder. This method is scientifically proven, because in chocolate fruits there is a very high content of natural antioxidants.

Antioxidants themselves are known to inhibit premature aging. The application of chocolate on the face can be balanced by consuming it to reduce the stress that causes aging.

  1. Gradually Brighten The Face Skin

There are various natural ingredients that are easy to obtain and can be used to brighten the face. However, almost all of these ingredients have only been yielding results for a long time. In contrast to chocolate that brightens the face with faster results.

Benefits of Chocolate This is because in it there is a potent blend of vitamin B3 and natural vitamin C to make the skin brighter and whiter. Because of its effectiveness in brightening, it is not surprising that these two ingredients are often the main ingredients of the manufacture of bleach products.

To give maximum results, its use on the face can also be mixed with other natural bleach ingredients. For example, squeeze a squeeze of lemon, egg white, or cinnamon.

  1. Overcoming Oily Skin

Some people say that chocolate can cause spotty because of its high oil content. This is certainly contrary to the fact that chocolate powder can reduce excess sebum on the face.

To prove it, apply chocolate powder as a face mask. When the oily skin type has a lot of acne, mix the chocolate powder with a little cinnamon powder. Add a little water and let stand a few minutes before rinsing.

The result of the first time of use can usually be seen that the oil on the face begins to disappear and the skin is brighter.

  1. Helps the Skin Regeneration Process

Dull skin is not entirely caused by sun exposure and skin type. This condition is also often caused by a stunted process of skin regeneration. As a result, damaged skin will accumulate on the face and cause it to dull as well as many black spots.

Through the use of chocolate, this very important process of skin regeneration can run smoothly. This can not be separated from the presence of antioxidants in chocolate fruits. In addition, natural vitamin E in it is also able to accelerate the process of changing dead skin cells, so that it looks healthy.

  1. Overcoming Dull Skin

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The main cause most commonly found of women who have dull skin is the lack of skin nutrients. In fact, facial skin that is often exposed directly to the environment requires adequate nutrition compared to other parts of the body.

Some of the nutrients needed are vitamins and natural oils to avoid hydration. These nutrients can be fulfilled using only a chocolate mask. This is because in cocoa beans there are already vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, potassium, protein, and other skin nutrients.

  1. Deflate Acne

Skin that is already exposed to bacteria and irritation can cause inflammation that appears as acne. In brown beans, it turns out that there are also anti-inflammatory compounds that effectively deflate acne.

In addition to deflating it, black acne scars can also disappear because the process of skin regeneration is done faster due to vitamin C and E in this fruit.

  1. Treating Allergic Skin Due to Sensitivity

Sensitive skin is one of the most disliked skin types due to its complex treatment as well as being prone to allergies. People who have sensitive skin are afraid to use chemical drugs because it can cause an allergic reaction.

As an alternative to sensitive skin care, many herbal products appear in the form of packaging sold in the market. In fact, owners of sensitive skin can make their own potions using chocolate fruit or powder.

In brown beans there are polyphenols that overcome inflammation of the skin and decrease inflammation. According to research from universities in South Korea, this content is proven to overcome all types of skin allergies, such as rashes and redness.

For those of you who want to feel the various benefits of chocolate for the face, you can try it at home. However, make sure the purchased chocolate is pure chocolate powder without the mixture. If it is difficult to find it, use mashed cocoa beans instead of chocolate.


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