7 Benefits of Beetroot for Babies and Children

Beetroot belongs to a type of tubers that have a rather ply-greenish red color. You can get this fruit at supermarkets or markets. Many people already know about the benefits of beetroot for health, but did you know that this fruit is also beneficial for babies.

When the baby enters the age of 6 months, it means that the baby can be given a companion food other than breast milk. At the initial stage of introducing food to babies, a solid food with balanced nutrition is required. These foods can be obtained from vegetables, carbohydrates, protein, and other types of foods.

7 Benefits of Beetroot for Babies (During MPASI & Growth)

Beetroot is one of the recommended types of foodstuffs when introducing solid foods to babies. This fruit has many vitamins and minerals that are needed by the baby. Appropriate food will affect the growth of children.

1. Improve the Digestive Tract

Babies have not been able to digest food as well as in adults. For this reason, it is needed foods that contain natural fibers so as not to interfere with the digestive process. Foods high in fiber will also be easily digestible in the stomach.

In beetroot contains vitamin C and also natural fibers that are good for digestion. This greatly helps the baby avoid constipation. At the beginning of mpasi baby there is a possibility of constipation.

Good digestion will smooth the process of urination. If the baby has constipation, it means that the food intake is less natural fiber. The baby will have difficulty when urinating and become fussy. Beetroot can be used to overcome constipation.

2. Optimizing Brain Development

Although brain development is formed from the womb, the baby’s brain will also still develop with age. When it has started to eat solid foods, it is advisable to give foods that also contain folic acid.

This beetroot fruit also contains high folic acid which is useful to stimulate brain development and intelligence of babies. Adequate intake of folic acid will ensure the brain is functioning properly. Blood flow to the brain is also smooth, so the absorption of oxygen increases.

As you know, in the first year is golden years for babies. At this time it is very important to stimulate the development of the brain in order to develop well. This will relate to his intelligence and his future.

3. Reduce the Risk of Anemia

Anemia not only occurs in adulthood, but babies can experience the same thing. Anemia or in other words is lack of blood is a condition in which the body is deficient in iron. This condition greatly interferes with the activity and development of the baby.

In babies, the symptoms of anemia are quite dangerous and can be life-threatening. In order to avoid anemia, an intake of iron food is required. It turns out that beetroot also has iron content that can meet the nutritional needs of babies.

Presenting MPASI from beetroot will help blood cells produce red blood cells, thus avoiding anemia. Iron will also support brain development as well as maintain blood pressure stability.

4. Healthy Eyes

The content of lutein and zeaxanthin contained in beetroot, provides positive benefits for the baby’s eyes. The baby’s vision will be more perfect with the support of the intake of such substances. The eyes as the senses of vision are very important.

A good intake of nutrients will help the baby’s learning process to be better, because his eyesight is also good. Babies can see more clearly with healthy eyes. Insert the beetroot into the baby’s MPASI menu to have clear and healthy vision.

5. Improve Immunity System

Babies are still susceptible to diseases, especially diseases caused by viruses. Examples are coughs and colds. To maintain endurance, vitamin C and antioxidant intake are required. The combination of these substances will ward off free radicals, thus preventing the virus from entering the body.

The adequacy of vitamin C and antioxidants can be obtained from beetroot. MPASI of this bit will help the baby’s endurance increase. A healthy baby will experience a smooth growth process without interruption.

6. Helps Bone and Tooth Growth

Of the many nutritional content in beetroot, other content such as calcium and phosphorus are also beneficial for the growth of baby bones and teeth. In its in its indity, the baby needs adequate intake to make the bones stronger.

Calcium and phosphorus will also help teeth grow well. The adequacy of this substance will reduce the risk of osteoporosis or bone loss. Strength and bone density will play a major role in the physical and motor growth of the baby.

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7. Keeping liver

Disorders of the liver can also occur in children. The most common complaints are hepatitis and ailing diseases. Babies who consume beetroot will be less likely to contract this liver disease.

For the MPASI served, you can process beetroot into juice. Give the baby 2-3 teaspoons of beetroot juice. This menu will help maintain the health and function of the liver in babies.

There are many benefits of beetroot that can be obtained for the health of the baby. Some research also reveals beetroot is able to clean toxins in the body, you can mix beetroot with other vegetables as a daily baby MPASI menu.




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