Here Are 7 Signs the Body Lacks Water

Here Are 7 Signs the Body Lacks Water

Most of the body is 60 percent composed of water, so that the body becomes healthy and can remove toxins from the body. Quoted from Healthcare Associated of Texas,here are 7 signs if you consume less water .

Here Are 7 Signs the Body Lacks Water

1. Bad breath

Water is a very important element for saliva production and helps eliminate bacteria, so that teeth and gums are maintained health. If deficient, it can inhibit saliva production and cause bacteria to accumulate in the tongue, teeth, and gums, thus creating bad breath.


2. Fatigue

Drinking less water can also make the body lose fluids. As a result the volume of blood decreases and puts excessive pressure on the heart which drains oxygen and nutrients to other organs, including muscles.


As a result, it can cause the body to feel tired and feel lethargic if the water needs are not met.


3. Frequent pain

White water also removes toxins, waste, and bacteria from the body to fight diseases and infections to make the immune system stronger. If not met, it can cause fatigue, lack of physical activity, and weakened body condition until it is easily sick.


  1. Constipation

Drinking water can also make digestion better, including regular bowel movements. This water will make the stool softer until it is easily excreted through the digestive tract.


If it does not drink enough water, the body will draw water from the stool to replace the missing fluid. This will make the stool harder and harder to remove, making constipation .


5. Skin health worsens

Another function of water is to tighten and moisturize the skin, so that it is brighter and youthful. But, if you consume less it can make your skin sly and elasticity less.


This can make the skin drier, exfoliate, appear fine lines on the skin, to wrinkles.


6. Need more sugar intake

Dehydration due to lack of water will interfere with the body’s ability to achieve glucose deposits to meet energy needs. In addition, it can trigger the desire to consume foods high in sugar as well as carbohydrates.

Want to be fat, what should I do?

If you suddenly ‘craving’ or want unusual sweet foods, such as chocolate, cakes, to sweets, your body may lack water intake.


7. Rarely urinate

When the body lacks water or dehydration, the kidneys will retain as much fluid as possible to maintain its function. This will lead to a decrease in the intensity of urination.


This one sign is the most common sign experienced in case of lack of water. In addition, drinking less water can make the urine color darker, smeller, and appear murky. Finally, bacteria and toxins do not come out of the body until it causes a urinary tract infection (UTK).


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