5 Ways to Overcome Headaches Naturally

5 Ways to Overcome Headaches Naturally


Headache is a condition of pain in the head that can be caused by many things. The level of headache ranges from discomfort to unbearable pain. Headaches can also interfere with daily activities if not quickly addressed.


Headaches can be caused by food, stress, or activities that trigger this pain to appear. Although various types of headache reliever drugs are available on the market, a number of natural treatments are also effective to relieve headaches.


Quoted from Health Line, here are effective natural treatments to overcome headaches .

5 Ways to Overcome Headaches Naturally

1. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can interfere with health in many ways, it can even cause headaches for some people. According to The Journal of Head and Face Pain, those who are sleep deprived experience more frequent and severe headaches.


However, too much sleep is also shown to trigger headaches. Setting the right bedtime can help prevent headaches naturally.


2. Use essential oils

Essential oils are liquids with high concentrations containing aromatic compounds of various herbs. A European Neurology study observed inhaling lavender essential oil to treat migraines.


The study concluded that inhaling lavender essential oil is an effective and safe way to relieve migraine pain.


3. Compress cold water

Using a compress with cold water can help reduce the symptoms of headaches. Compressing cold water or ice into the neck or area of the head can reduce inflammation, slow nerve conduction and narrow blood vessels. This can help reduce headaches.

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4. Caffeinated beverages

Caffeine-containing drinks, such as tea or coffee, can relieve headaches. Caffeine can improve mood, increase alertness, and narrow blood vessels, which can have a positive effect on headache symptoms.


5. Drink enough water

Dehydrated bodies can cause headaches. Dehydration can also interfere with concentration and cause rapid anger. To help avoid headaches due to dehydration, consume foods with sufficient water content and drink enough water.




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