10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Sleep Quality

Sleep is everyone’s need, because in addition to being important for physical health, quality sleep can also maintain mental stability. Byapplying a way to maintain agood quality of sleep, it will make the physical and emotional stay healthy. In addition, a good night’s sleep will also make you feel fresher and perform optimally the next day.

Conversely, if you lack sleep, it can make your concentration and thinking, and the ability to do things decrease. In other words, you’ll find it difficult to focus when you have to do your daily activities. Not only that, lack of sleep can also increase the potential for obesity, heart attacks, diabetes, and even cancer.

What is Quality Sleep?

According to research, the average sleep time required by adults is 7-9 hours per night. But it is optional once, depending on each individual. Because not a few can feel comfortable with only 5-7 hours of sleep. This is certainly not a big deal, with the note that you do not feel you have any complaints with sleep activities.

Below are some signs that you have quality sleep:

  • Can sleep within 10-20 minutes after lying in bed
  • Feeling refreshed and energized when you wake up
  • Ready to do productive activities without any complaints
  • Sleep feels calm and comfortable, does not experience restlessness, and shortness of breath, does not snore, and the body does not feel sore when waking up
  • Not sleepy when waking up

10 Ways to Improve Sleep Quality

If you have difficulty when going to sleep and do not know how to overcome it, then you can apply some tips below:

1.Arrange Dinner Schedule

It is important that you manage your dinner schedule well, so as not to feel starvation or fullness before going to bed. Ideally, dinner is done about 4 hours before going to bed, so that the stomach is in a calm condition and sleeps better.

2.Don’t Drink Too Much

Limiting water consumption while going to bed is also very important. Don’t let you stay awake many times just because you feel you have to pee. Although it seems trivial, it can interfere with the quality of sleep. Therefore, drink to taste only.

Good Sleep Positions

3.Not Consuming Caffeine

As is known, that caffeine substances will serve to keep a person awake. In some products, its caffeine content can last up to 8 hours in the body. In fact, at night it should be used for a complete rest, so that the body remains primed.

4. AvoidAlcoholic Beverages

The next way applying a way to maintain agood quality of sleepis to avoid drinks containing alcohol. Although it will initially make you sleepy and relaxed, you will most likely wake up after a few hours later.

5. Turnoff the Lights Before Bed

Dim light and quiet bedroom conditions will make the body more relaxed. That way, then you can quickly feel sleepy and then sleep. Therefore, always turn off the lights before going to bed. If you are afraid of total darkness, then it can turn on the night light, the important thing is that the light in the room is not bright.

6. UsingComfortable Pillows and Mattresses

Not many people pay attention to the mattress, whereas after use for more than 10 years it is usually uncomfortable to wear. As well as pillows and bolsters, make sure it is always dried and the contents are changed periodically. Sleeping on a soft mattress and pillow will certainly provide a sense of comfort so that you can sleep peacefully.

7.Avoid Watching Tv or Playing Gadgets

Constantly staring at television screens and smartphones will keep you awake all the time. After all, there will be interesting things that appear on the screen so you forget to sleep instead. For example, when playing smartphones, there is a variety of entertainment, news, and so on. Therefore, do not bring gadgets to bed.

8.Regular Exercise

Physical activities can indeed improve the quality of a person’s sleep. It’s just, pay attention to the time to do sports. Do not exercise heavily at night when going to bed. This is because it can stimulate the release of the hormone cortisol, so that the body does not feel sleepy.

9.Limiting Nap Time

For those of you who have a habit of sleeping during the day, it is best to reduce it from now on. The ideal time to take a nap is 10 – 30 minutes, if you sleep excessively, it will interfere with rest at night, and it is not impossible to cause insomnia.

10.Create a Sleep Schedule

In order for you to get quality sleep every day, then you can start by making a regular sleep schedule. Both on weekdays, and on weekends. That way, then you will always go to bed and wake up on time according to the schedule made.

applying a way to maintain agood quality of sleep above can be an alternative solution, especially for those of you who have insomnia or difficulty sleeping. Moreover, sleep is not only useful for physical health, but also psychic / mental a person so it is not easy to stress.

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