Good Sleep Positions

Good For Health: 8 Good Sleep Positions

For humans, sleep is a very important and inseparable activity. We need enough sleep up to 8 hours a day. However, you need to know a good sleep positioninorder for sleep to be of quality. Having a good night’s sleep and without distractions such as restlessness is a way to keep the condition healthy and stable.

8 Good Sleep Positions

1. On your back

The best sleeping position is on your back. Many benefits with sleeping in this position include protecting the waist from pain and also reducing restlessness in the legs. Naturally, sleep using the back is aligned with the shape of the spine. No joints are strained even your breathing becomes smooth during sleep.

This position is not recommended for pregnant women who are in the third trimester. On your back will only make breathing tight and sore in the waist. People with snoring disorders are also not advised to use this position as it can aggravate the condition. Make sure your body has good support ranging from quality pillows and mattresses.

2. Perch Position

This position is a favorite of many people. People with snoring sleep disorders can try this position. The nape can hold back so that your breathing does not produce sound during sleep. However, this does not apply to everyone. Some people who sleep in this position by accident in the middle of sleep may feel uncomfortable.

Although this position neutralizes the neck and abdomen, too long sleep can cause pain in the back. When you wake up, you will feel numbness, cramps and even stiffness if you stay in this position overnight. If you are comfortable in a perched position during sleep, it is best to use a pillow on the abdomen so that the body will not aches when awakened.

3. Freefall Position

This doesn’t mean the head slides under the bed. This position is perched while hugging the pillow, while the head is facing sideways. If you like this position while sleeping, use a very soft pillow so that the neck does not feel pain. Avoid putting your hands under the pillow as it will cramp if it lingeres.

4. Army Position

This position is also called neat position. You sleep on your back using a higher pillow on your head. Place your hands neatly and tightly on the sides of the body. In addition to relaxing thebody, this good sleepposition also makes breathing in smooth. Unfortunately, people who like to snore will be very noisy when sleeping this way.

5. Fetal Position

This form of sleep is very popular because of its excellent effect for the body. In addition to reducing the potential for snoring in the middle of sleep, fetal position can also reduce pain in the back and waist. Another name is fetal position. You sleep by tilting the body then bending the body and also bending the legs.

Unfortunately, this should not be too extreme done by bending too much. This can block the deep respiratory pathway, making you feel stuffy in the middle of sleep. This way of sleeping is also not good if you do have complaints of joint pain. Loosen the body when bending. The help of a pillow in a hug can help make it feel more comfortable.

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6. Tilt Left

The left-leaning sleep position is very good for you. Facing left can prevent you from snoring, improve the digestive system and also reduce the potential for pain in the chest. In contrast to tilting to the right that can even increase the potential of stomach acid. For those of you who like high-fat foods, it’s best to sleep left-facing.

On the other hand, sleeping in an oblique position for long periods of time can cause stiffness in the shoulders and make the skin wrinkle. Place the pillow as a hug on the body so that the shoulders become more relaxed. Pillows on the hips or lower legs can also help to avoid back pain.

7. Star Star Position

If you do not share a bed with others and the mattress is quite spacious, then try the position of the star star. The body is supported by the back, while the legs and hands are on the side so that it forms a star star. This position is often also called a free position. For health, the position of star stars prevents you from cramping when you wake up.

8. Log Position

People who have severe snoring disorders can try this way. The position of the log is to tilt the body and then support it with a pillow on the back. Each hand is next to the body and sticking down. The usefulness of pillows behind the body is to prevent shoulder pain when you wake up.

Involuntarily you may change position while in the middle of sleep. Even so, you can start closing your eyes with a good sleep positionaccordingto your needs. A good position gives a great effect on the quality of your health. So that when awakened in the morning, the body will feel fresh, does not feel sore, and does not constantly feel drowsy.

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