Overcoming Sunburned Skin

Sunburned Skin 8 Tips to Overcome It



Overcoming Sunburned Skin

When doing activities under the scorching sun, it is not uncommon for the skin to burn. Although at first there was only a reddish rash, but a few hours later, the skin must have felt very sore, especially when exposed to water. Therefore, those of you who have a myriad of outdoor activities, should know how to effectively overcome sunburned skin.


Signs of SunBurnEd Skin

Each individual will usually experience different signs of sunburn, depending on how long it is exposed, and also the type of skin it has. For people in tropical countries such as Indonesia, the skin is much more able to tolerate exposure to Ultra Violet rays, even for hours. In contrast to white breeds that can only last for about 15-40 minutes only.


Here is the level of resistance of the skin phototype to sunlight based on its color:

  • Pale skin / pale white: 15-30 minutes
  • Whites / Caucasian: 25-40 minutes
  • Whites are a bit dark/ Hispanic: 30-50 minutes
  • Yellow langsat: 40-60 minutes
  • Sawo ripe: 60-90 minutes
  • Black: 90-150 minutes


When it’s in the sun, not everyone will notice that the skin is burning. Moreover, the most obvious symptoms generally occur after 2 to 6 hours later. While the peak is after 12-24 hours. Below are the clearest signs of sunburn:

  • Redness
  • Inflammation or swelling
  • Skin feels sore and hot
  • Irritation occurs
  • Chill fever (severe case)
  • Blistered skin (heavy case)

8 Tips to Overcome Sunburn


Do you like to do outdoor activities and often experience sunburn? Some of the tips below can be a powerful way to overcome them:


  1. Compress with Cold Water

Sunburn occurs due to inflammation of the skin, therefore compressing with cold water is one of the solutions to overcome it. You can use a towel moistened with ice water, then stick it on the burned part of the skin. In addition, it can also be with ice cubes wrapped in towels, which is important do not attach the ice directly.


  1. Provide Extra Protection during recovery period

To overcome sunburned skin, you are required to protect the skin more protectively. One of them is to cover the skin with a thick cloth while outdoors. That way, the recovery period can take place faster.


  1. Drink Plenty of Water

When the skin is sunburned, the wound automatically pulls the fluid in the body to the surface of the skin. This condition will make the body become deficient in fluids. To replace the lost fluid, it is highly recommended to drink plenty of water so that you do not get dehydrated.


  1. Using Moisturizers

To prevent exfoliation on the injured skin, you can apply a moisturizer containing soy extract or aloe vera. In some parts that sting, it can use creams such as hydrocortisone. In addition, it is important to avoid products with ingredients that end in caine, as they can cause allergies.


  1. Avoid Pressing Blistered Parts of The Skin

In sunburn conditions, there will usually be some blisters on the skin. Although it may seem annoying, it’s a good idea not to press it. This is because the lenting contains natural body fluids, as well as a protective layer. If pressed, it can inhibit the healing process, and the risk of infection is higher.

Instead of pressing it, you can cover it with sterile gauze. If the blisters break naturally, then immediately clean with soap, then wipe and rinse gently with cold water. So that the skin recovers quickly, it is recommended to apply anti-bacterial cream, then cover using wet gauze.

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  1. Taking Inflammatory Drugs

To reduce inflammation, and pain due to swelling of the skin, you can take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as naproxen, and ibuprofen. In order to make the results more optimal, you should take the drug immediately after the skin is burned. Inflammatory drugs will help overcome the pain of the wound skin.

  1. Diligently Apply Moisturizer when Skin Peels

One of the healing phases of the skin from sunburn is the exfoliation of damaged skin tissue in the burn area. When this happens, never miss to apply moisturizer until the skin is completely healed. In addition, it is best not to force the peeling of certain parts of the skin so as not to cause irritation.


  1. Go to the Doctor

If you have sunburn all over the body, followed by dizziness, and high fever, it is recommended to go to the doctor. Never scratch the wounded part of the skin because it can cause inflammation to get worse, and the skin becomes infected.


Some ways to overcome the sunburned skin above you can make a reference when experiencing sunburn. Keep in mind, however, that although sunburn can be lost, but if exposed to UV light too often, it can cause permanent skin damage. The condition will also increase the risk of developing skin cancer. Therefore, keep the skin from extreme sunlight.



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