7 Benefits of Apples for Women (Can for Diet)

One of the fruits commonly found around the world is apples. Not only because of its sweet taste and crunchy texture, the benefits of so many apples certainly make it a special fruit.

Apples are considered to be able to cure various diseases and help people recover quickly, so it is suitable to be brought when visiting sick people. However, did you know that the fruit in this Sleeping Princess fairy tale can lose weight? Here’s the full information:

Benefits of Apples for Diet

When wanting to lose weight, one only needs to replace food with apples. Moreover, content such as fiber, various vitamins, to calcium in apples can take care of your health. Curious what are the benefits of this fruit for those who are losing weight? Here’s the list:

  1. Helps to Control Weight

You’re controlling your weight? Immediately to consume apples. Before eating, you can consume apples to feel full quickly. This way, you don’t have to consume foods that are high in calories.

Fiber content in apples can help the stomach feel full without the need to eat a lot of food. Not only that, apples also prevent various diseases caused by excessive weight.

For example prevent stroke, high blood pressure, heart, to diabetes. Therefore, daily consumption of apples is highly recommended for those of you who are controlling weight.

  1. Slow down Digestion

One of the reasons why apples are perfect for those of you who are on a diet is because of their high fiber content. In a medium-sized apple there are four grams of fiber. What are the benefits of fiber for the body?

High fiber consumption can make weight more maintained and lower the risk of obesity in a person. Fiber can make a person’s digestive system slower. Thus, people become easily full.

In addition, fiber can also make your digestion much healthier. Good bacteria in the intestine will further develop with fiber content in apples. It can smooth the metabolic process, so that weight is also controlled.

  1. Reducing Diabetes Risk

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There is a study that reveals that women who eat at least one apple a day have a lower risk of developing diabetes. The risk is even smaller by up to 28%.

Why is that? Fiber in apples turns out to be the reason why it can reduce and reduce the risk of diabetes.

The content of polyphenols in apples can prevent damage to beta cell tissue. This tissue is the one tasked with producing insulin inside the pancreas.

When the tissue is damaged, the spike in sugar levels in the blood can increase sharply. This is what can cause protracted diabetes problems.

  1. Make the Heart Healthier

The fiber content in apples does have miraculous health benefits, especially for people who are on a diet. A healthy diet not only aims to make weight loss but also to keep healthy. One of them is to lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Fiber in apples can prevent plaque or cholesterol buildup in the arteries. Inside the apple skin there is also a phenolic that can prevent cholesterol from entering and freezing on the walls of the arteries.

When plaque is formed there is a fairly serious risk of causing heart disease. Because the plaque can reduce blood flow to the heart. Not only maintain heart health, apples can also lower the risk of stroke.

Apples contain flavonoids that can lower the risk of stroke by up to 20 percent. Moreover, this content can also help lower blood pressure, so it also helps maintain heart health.

You can also consume other white fleshy fruits, such as pears to reduce the risk of stroke.

  1. Reduce The Desire to Eat Snacks

A pretty tough challenge for people who are on a diet is a snack. Eating protracted snacks can cause weight gain sharply. Well, to overcome it you can consume apples. Because, in the apple there is approximately 86% water.

This fruit keeps the body full for longer. Thus, you are also reluctant to eat with large portions or reduce the desire to snack. Not only high water content, apples can also be relatively low in calories. So, you don’t have to be afraid when you consume it in large quantities.

  1. Making Digestion Healthy

When dieting, you should also pay attention to all parts of the body. One of them is digestion. Pectin fibers in apples can aid digestion and can also smooth the production of stools. Thus, the abdomen does not become bloated. Moreover, pectin can also prevent diarrhea and also constipation.

  1. Lower Bad Cholesterol

Again the fiber content in apples can lower fat in the intestine. Fiber can lower bad cholesterol levels by up to 23% if you consume apples daily. Meanwhile, it can also increase the growth of good cholesterol.

For those of you who are on a diet, the consumption of apples is indeed the right choice. Not only can you lose weight. There are a series of benefits of apples that are really good for health.




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