Causes of Canker sores

Often Thrush? Here Are 10 Things That Cause Thrush


Thrush or stomatitis is one of the oral health problems that must have been experienced by every vulnerable. Thrush occurs due to inflammation in the mouth and causes sores that feel sore, and even very annoying. Especially when going to eat, drink, and talk. The causes of canker sores are also quite diverse, some of which you might never have guessed.

Although it is not an infectious disease, canker sores can not be ignored just like that. Because it does not close the possibility, if the onset of wounds in this area of the mouth is a symptom of other more serious conditions, such as oral cancer. Moreover, canker sores can also appear in more than one amount at a time, which will certainly make the mouth stiff, and difficult to move.

10 Causes of Canker sores

Thrush generally appears on the lips, tongue, gum surface, and the inside of the cheeks. The diameter of the wound also varies, from small to large. This health disorder can be experienced by anyone, from infants to the elderly. But it usually happens more in women. In most cases canker sores due to poor oral hygiene are maintained.

In addition, there are also several other causes of canker sores, among which are as follows:

1. Drug Side Effects

Some drugs have the potential to lower saliva, causing their consumption to be prone to thrush.

2. Mouth Lining Injury

Damage to the lining of the mouth can occur accidentally, such as being bitten, using braces, impaling thorns while eating fish, or chewing hard food. Although at first only small wounds appear, but potentially large become canker sores.

3. Medical Conditions

There are certain medical conditions that make a person subscribe to canker sores, among others, vitamin B12 deficiency or iron, infection, weak immune system, and so on.

4. Excessive Consumption of Spicy and Oily Foods

Consuming too many spicy foods and containing oil can also trigger the onset of wounds in the mouth.

5. Oral Hygiene Is Less Maintained

If you do not maintain oral hygiene, such as rarely brushing your teeth, then do not be surprised if you often experience canker sores.

6. Using Dentures

The use of dentures that are not suitable size, or rarely cleaned can also cause various problems in the mouth, canker sores are one of them.

7. Diabetes

Diabetics tend to have a dry mouth. So the risk of experiencing toothache, and canker sores is increasing.

8. Candida Albicans Mushrooms

The main cause of canker sores is due to the development of candida albicans fungus in the mouth too little, or too much.

9. Unhealthy Diet

Consuming too much sugar such as glucose, lactose, fructose, sucrose, and so on can have adverse effects on oral, and dental health.

10. Consuming Hot Drinks

Drinking excessively hot coffee can provide a diuretic effect for the body, resulting in reduced water content. When the water content in the body decreases, then the heat will increase. So it leads to deep heat, and canker sores appear.

Symptoms of Thrush

Before sores appear canker sores, there are generally some symptoms that are present in advance. Because this canker sores have a slowly growing process, among which are as follows:

  • Areas in the mouth and throat are reddish
  • The sensation of the tongue feels burning
  • Discomfort in the mouth
  • Uncomfortable when swallowing drinks or food
  • In users dentures will appear redness followed by pain in the mouth
  • White wounds appear on the tongue
  • Minor bleeding occurs when scratched

Diagnosis of Thrush

Diagnosing canker sores is actually more about finding out what causes it. The most important way of diagnosis is to perform a physical examination. That way, it will be easier for the doctor to know the causative factors. In addition, there are other tests that can also be applied in diagnosing, including:

  • Tissue swab (fungal infection)
  • Common swabs, for viral and bacterial infections
  • Biopsy (removal of tissue cells)
  • Blood test
  • Paste test (allergy identification)

How to Overcome Thrush

Generally, canker sores can heal on their own within a period of several days to 2 weeks. But if it feels very disturbing, then you can see a doctor to get treatment so that canker sores heal faster. Usually you will be given a fungal infection drug in the form of tablets, gels, or mouthwashes.

But do not forget, that canker sores can also be overcome, and prevented by applying some habits as below:

  • Reduce smoking habits
  • Drinking pain killer
  • Avoid the consumption of hot foods or drinks
  • Reduce foods too spicy, salty and sour
  • Always maintain oral and dental hygiene
  • Try to gargle immediately using cold water when experiencing symptoms of burning mouth
  • Diligent check up to the dentist
  • Limiting the consumption of sugar-containing beverages and foods
  • Increase consumption of high-vitamin fruits such as apples, oranges, tomatoes, and papaya

Knowing exactly what causes canker sores will make it easier for you to find solutions to overcome them. Although this oral disorder seems so trivial, it feels very uncomfortable. When experiencing canker sores, the mood will also deteriorate, due to the pain and annoying pain.




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