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8 Different Indoor Sports You Can Do

Maintaining the body by means of exercise makes a great profit. The effect is not only about the freshness of the body, but also your mind. Sleeping well and minimizing stress are two examples of the benefits of exercising. Although identical to the morning, this activity can be done anytime and anywhere. Here aresome indoor sportsthat you can practice.

Examples of Indoor Sports


Yoga is the kind of exercise that anyone can do and anywhere. This activity is very healthy because the body will stretch slowly and relax the mind. The various poses can be learned through online videos so you don’t need a dedicated instructor.

Effective indoors, yoga also doesn’t require special equipment for simple poses. Prepare a carpet for the base of the body. If you want to be softer, add a towel on the carpet. For clothes, leggings can be an option. Yoga will be good if done every morning so you can start the day in a good mood.


A fairly popular sports option is dancing. The body is moved to follow the flow of music that you like so it won’t feel boring. You can do it with the family in the living room. For 1 hour, the calorie burning reaches 500 so it is good for those of you who are on a diet program.

If you choose a song for the dance, make sure the rhythm is always gradual. First, find a light track to warm up. Then proceed with a quick rhythmic for the core movement. Last is a rhythm that relaxes as a cooling. Immediately dancing with fast movements instead makes the body become aches and easily tired due to unaccustomed breathing.


Barre is a sport that trains balance, strength and focus. This type of exercise is not as easy as instructed because it involves a large respiratory system and energy. Barre is suitable to be done indoors. The only things that need to be prepared are chairs or tables to build your feet.

This activity relies on the strength and balance of the legs. One leg is used to rest backwards, then you have to move slowly using the other one. Even if you don’t use any tools, barre is able to make your muscles stretch. Barre sessions are ideally conducted for 20 minutes.


This exercise is suitable for those of you who have little time to exercise. The energy level required by this sport is quite high because the interval is quite short. One particular movement or pose takes only 60 seconds. After 30 seconds of rest, you should proceed to the next movement for 60 seconds.

Hiit is a workout that improves heart performance. That’s why, people who were passive can start trying hiit. Examples of movements often performed as part of hiit are squats, jumps and pushups. If you want to follow the program intensively, some apps on your phone are made to focus on the sport.


Pilates is well known as an indoor exercise and is commonly done in the studio. Plitaes is divided into two kinds, one of which is without tools and can be done at home. Ideally, pilates is done on a mattress or a smooth surface. Pilates movements are considered effective enough to burn calories just like jogging.

6.Downward Dog Pushup

This sports pose prioritizes the strength of the footrfoot. The body is supported by both legs and hands, while the knee part must be lifted off the ground. You need to raise your body and occasionally lift one of the legs backwards. This should be done alternately with the same tempo. Downward dog poses require a soft base such as a mattress or towel.

7.Happy frog

As the namesuggests, the sport inthis room is like a frog. Start by crouching down. Both hands are placed in front of the body but focus on the fingers. After that, lift the body to the back so that it rises to the top. This exercise can be done in about 5 minutes. The function of happy frog is to form hip to leg strength.


Jogging doesn’t need to be done on a track in the field. This activity can also be done indoors so you don’t have to leave the house. Jogging has a light to moderate intensity, depending on the length of activity. Simply put, you can take a walk around the room. You won’t feel that this activity is like a real sport even if it uses a lot of energy.

If you find it less challenging, you can jog up and down the stairs. The intensity will increase because when going up the stairs, the body needs more energy. In addition to simple movements, you can also practice the breathing and strength of the thigh muscles. Use timers and step counter tracks as motivation.

Exercise is not always synonymous with certain equipment.Indoor sports exercise onlyrequires a sufficient place. Find the right way to exercise for your body. It’s a good idea to always schedule yourself for this activity. Even if it’s only 10 minutes, the effects of exercise are huge and have a positive impact on your health.

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