6 Ways to Control Your Appetite While Dieting

6 Ways to Control Your Appetite While Dieting


A person has a high appetite is basically commonplace. An example is a high appetite to consume foods high in sugar and fatty. However, this is bad for health especially for those who go on a diet.


A high appetite to consume certain foods is often referred to as cravings. Controlling your high appetite is especially important for those of you who run a weight loss program.


Quoted from Healthline, there are several ways that can be done in order to put the brakes on unhealthy appetite.


1. Drink enough water

According to research, drinking water has a correlation to help lose weight. Drinking water helps a person to keep his body well hydrated so that hunger can be suppressed. Drinking enough water can also speed up the body’s metabolism and release toxins.


2. Eating high-protein foods

A study that analyzed obese teens found that high-protein breakfasts could reduce the desire to snack significantly. Protein is also a major source of energy in addition to carbohydrates and fats. Protein can suppress hunger for longer because protein requires a long digestive process. This can prevent the habit of snacking on unhealthy foods.

To get a sufficient intake of protein, it is advisable to consume foods high in protein, both from vegetable and animal sources. Examples of animal protein sources are various types of seafood that are also rich in omega 3 and 6, lean chicken meat, eggs, and lean beef.


3. Create a meal schedule

One way to suppress a high appetite is to create an eating schedule. When a person plans what to eat then it does not cause spontaneity and uncertainty of the food you will consume. This makes a person’s metabolic clock become regular and can regulate such high appetite.


4. Manage stress

In many studies it found that there is a connection between stress levels to weight gain. Try to reduce stress by meditating, yoga, and doing hobbies that are loved to be able to manage stress.


5. Consume spinach extract

According to studies, spinach extract can reduce appetite and hunger. Not only that, spinach extract can also delay fat digestion and increase hormone levels. Experts advise consuming 3.7 to 5 grams of spinach extract to be able to reduce your appetite and desire to eat something for up to a few hours.

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6. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep or sleep disturbances can lead to uncontrolled hormonal fluctuations. The study found that fluctuations in this hormone can raise weight significantly. Therefore, in order to suppress unhealthy appetite can be done by obtaining adequate and quality sleep.


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