Melbourne Officially Declared To Have Effectively Eradicated Coronavirus

Melbourne Officially Declared To Have Effectively Eradicated Coronavirus


It’s official to declare the state of Victoria with the capital Melbourne no transmission of the coronavirus for four weeks.


In general, the 28-day period without new cases of COVID-19 transmission is proof that Victoria has effectively eradicated the coronavirus.


It was a remarkable achievement and a difficult outcome to achieve, as some critics have said.


All can be achieved thanks to Victoria’s strict ‘lockdown’ rules and high achievement, faster than what New South Wales (NSW) achieved with the capital Sydney.


Only one state has recorded a case of transmission


NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has repeatedly said eradicating the coronavirus is “unrealistic.”


But Australia’s largest state is heading that way, albeit unintentionally, as long as there are no cases of local transmission in the next nine days.


The only state to record a case of local transmission at the moment is South Australia with the capital Adelaide. Although the state is still in the danger zone, the number of cases is very small.


Two other states, Victoria and Tasmania, no longer have active cases and still do not accept arrivals from overseas.


As of this Friday morning (27/11), no new transmissions were found in the Australian Capital Region (ACT).


The current COVID-19 transmission rate is the lowest Australia has achieved since March, when the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread.


Over the past 40 days, Australia has pushed the average figure below 20 per day for a week in 40 days, with most recent CASES of COVID-19 coming from overseas arrivals at hotels that are quarantined.

Melbourne Officially Declared To Have Effectively Eradicated Coronavirus

Can’t be complacent


Australia’s achievement comes after it peaked with the number of cases reaching 500 per day in early August.


Only two countries, Singapore and China, have also reached that peak, but have managed to keep the average case of transmission below 20 for longer than Australia.


“If you look at Australia compared to other countries, there’s honestly no comparison,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Thursday.


“Australia is among a handful of countries that stand out in how we suppress the virus, but also reduce its impact on the economy.”


“The Australian economy has survived better than almost any other developed economy in the world.”


But that doesn’t mean Australia can be complacent.


Israel has reached its lowest contagion rate for 13 days, but the second wave has seen an average increase in transmission rates to 1,700 cases a day in two months, reaching an average of 6,222 cases over the past week.


Ireland was also once big, but then the case of COVID-19 in the country exploded again and still faces a considerable wave.

Melbourne Officially Declared To Have Effectively Eradicated Coronavirus

What’s the next threat to Australia?


The biggest threat to Australia in maintaining a low transmission rate, not even a case at all is the hotel quarantine system.


With the number of Australians trying to get home for Christmas, and the global COVID-19 situation still bad, the number of people returning from overseas and being declared positive for COVID-19 has slowly increased since the end of August.

Presiden Joko Widodo : vaksin aman dan efektif.

While stricter controls may be put in place, as is currently the case in South Australia, there is still a risk that quarantine-related rules will be breached.

Astinya more and more people pass through the quarantine system in Australia when the case of COVID-19 abroad remains high, the higher the risk of coronavirus coming out of quarantine.


As tracking schemes such as QR code check-ins in some places, such as restaurants, become more and more carried out, many Australian cities are still gearing up due to the fading of safe distancing compliance and the wearing of masks.


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